In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul says, "do not be conformed to this world" but "be transformed by the renewal of your mind." What if you took this same approach to your eating and exercise?

Renewed is not a list of diet dos and don'ts. Instead, it encourages the transformation of your health by the renewing of your mind.

Whether you are on the side of overindulgence or struggle with restriction, whether you are obsessed with exercise or have neglected your body, Renewed aims at the heart of the issues -- idolatry.


Regardless of your starting point, Renewed will offer practical suggestions to get you started towards a healthier you.

Fit to Teach


What would it take for you to take back control of your health? 

Have your "Freshman Fifteen" hung around a bit too long? Have years of being overworked and stressed out caused you to put your health on the back burner? Are you looking for practical, livable ways to improve your health? 

Fit to Teach is for YOU!

Written by a teacher for teachers, Fit to Teach offers practical nutrition and exercise tips to help teachers improve their health and fitness. 

Fit to Teach includes **18 TIPS** to help teachers lose fat, gain strength and improve their overall quality of life. Fit to Teach also includes multiple sample workouts for both men and women. 

Take back your health this school year!